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I moved a store.

Our store moved two floors up in our mall and we had to do the move in one night. I really think it would have worked if we had...boxes >____> Yeah....in preparation for the move, no saved any boxes from the 30+ volume of shipment we get daily. Awesome.

So, thanks to that, nothing was organized at ALL when it was getting moved. We started at 7ish and I left at 1:30 with everything in the new store but the store was no where near ready to open at 10.

But it's bigger, not that I really care but it's cool.

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Getting kinda tired of working 4 days straight, 8 hours a day. Especially when I have class the other three days. I get like, no breaks. When I'm not a work, I'm at school for like, 10 hours. Break can't come soon enough.

Least I have my Persona 4 visual book to drool over. Its really pretty 8D!

(Btw, Lee, You're still on the schedule at work...meaning you're still an employee...meaning you still get discounts...and its 40% now at Barns and Noble till the 20th....Thought you aught to know)
Kona DS

Lol, I suck at making titles

I got this today and...its Super comfy! X3. And Warm. Think I might wear this to work tomorrow cause if I'm going to work with Chicken, I want to be comfy.

Anded up stopping by Best Buy because we were there and I like looking at over priced dvds. Ran into one of my old coworkers from lol, nearly 2 years ago! He kept bugging me to come back and work black Friday and I was like "HELL NO!" I'll stay where I am, kthnks. Stay where I am and go to work at Noon or Work at Best Buy and get there at 4am? HELL NAW. I like sleep.

Got the new futurama movie because...I would feel bad if I didn't buy it. Also got the Soul Calibur 4 guide becasue all of their guides were 50% off. Thats a better deal then I get at work! 15% for the speical one! :D. Totally buying that game when I get my 360, which is lol, next weekend. Its my birthday present to myself.

Speaking of which, Turkeyday is my 21st. LOL gonna spend the day with family, eating delicious turkey! Best birthday ever. Least in my book, but Turkey day is my favorite holiday so. /Shrug

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Totally awesome day

Bus Driver on the way to work was totally speeding. Passengers shouldn't bounce a foot in the air when you hit a bump. Epically on a street that was just fixed.

Little girl's foot got stuck in the escalator by my work. She was 4. She's totally fine too, but the escalator took her boot. Technology 1/ Child 0

Stupid people standing on the bus home totally got chewed out by the bus driver for not moving back to make more room. It was awesome only because I was sitting down.

And I work all day tomorrow with a Canadian and a man that poses naked on futons. This is going to be awesome.


Had work today. It was awesome, like always. I like how I got paid to play my manager's copy of Patapon cause he was stuck at a boss. Made my day. After work, I sat in the back, playing Patapon cause I waited for x0g33k0x to get off. And we started planing for the Smash Bros. release party. Sad day that our guy who can do an awesome Shaggy voice can't be there. He was gonna commentate the battles with the guy who can do an awesome Cleveland voice from Family guy. Still should be awesome.

Also reserved FFCC for the DS and Arcana hearts. Not sure why I want Arcana Hearts, but I doooo. And it's an Atlus game so I should get it now cause they tend to stop making their games quickly.

Smash Bros. Tourney


Totally working the Midnight release for our store. And so everyone knows, Gamestops/Ebgames are doing a tourney. Check that link for more info, but it's pretty much Winner of store goes on to The District, then Regionals, then Nationals. For Nationals and stuff, Nintendo will pay to fly them down and back for the tourney. We're also doing an art contest and cosplay thing, at least at our store. Needless to say, it's gonna be awesome. And the Tourney is gonna be from 9-12 I was told, so people get to play the game before it comes out officially.

Oh Nintendo, your awesome.


Finally on Vacation after a REALLY LONG DAY of work. I seriously just don't like working with this one girl. She screws up constantly, she's kinda rude to customers and she barely meets the dress code, (course, half of what she wears shows off stuff and her make up is gaudy). I was fine for the first few hours, trying to give her another chance, but by the end of the day, I was doing everything I could to stay away from her. And thanks to her not paying attention to shit, I almost had to take my lunch late. Thankfully, Mark is awesome and sent us both on lunch at the same time. Just...rargh. It's not that I hate her, just don't care for her much.

Now tonight, I have to pack and do all that fun stuff! Whoopie!
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at 7p tomorrow, my break starts. Took long enough D:. Called in sick yesterday cause I was pretty much dead tired and trying to deal with certain people might have been too much for me. Yay for drama!

Some stranger lady on the bus offered my cookies. she wasn't crazy or anything, she just had left overs from her office party she said. But strangers+food=no-no.

Guess I should sleep now maybe? no...food first.
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just got back from Sweeny Todd. Holy crap, it was awesome. Though there were these three women sitting behind us that just wouldn't shut up. And they were rather loud too. I really wish some people has greater respect for others.

Also got to meet Kevin Durant. If I was into NBA or basketball, I might care more. I only wanted autographs for my two cousins from Texas. Yeah, he was pretty tall.

I'm tired and we're taking Lee to the Airport at 10. I should sleep now.

Well then...

Working 33+HR at EB this week alone. Meaning I'll probably only work Tuesday, Wednesday, and maybe Thursday morning at Student Store but that will be it. Not working Monday cause Bev and I plan to go see I Am Legend in IMAX (mostly for the batman trailer) that day and I'm working that night at EB.

And we're gonna have Kevin Durant at EB for some big tourney. I'm gonna try and get an Autograph for my cousin cause he's really into sports and would appreciate it more then I would. Guy's over 7 ft tall. I barely clear 5 ft. I really wanna stand next to him. Working that night anyways so Yay!

And in case my f-list didn't get the message, Alex and I are back together.

I'm going to go play video games now cause I"M ON BREAK!