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Kona DS

Lol, I suck at making titles

I got this today and...its Super comfy! X3. And Warm. Think I might wear this to work tomorrow cause if I'm going to work with Chicken, I want to be comfy.

Anded up stopping by Best Buy because we were there and I like looking at over priced dvds. Ran into one of my old coworkers from lol, nearly 2 years ago! He kept bugging me to come back and work black Friday and I was like "HELL NO!" I'll stay where I am, kthnks. Stay where I am and go to work at Noon or Work at Best Buy and get there at 4am? HELL NAW. I like sleep.

Got the new futurama movie because...I would feel bad if I didn't buy it. Also got the Soul Calibur 4 guide becasue all of their guides were 50% off. Thats a better deal then I get at work! 15% for the speical one! :D. Totally buying that game when I get my 360, which is lol, next weekend. Its my birthday present to myself.

Speaking of which, Turkeyday is my 21st. LOL gonna spend the day with family, eating delicious turkey! Best birthday ever. Least in my book, but Turkey day is my favorite holiday so. /Shrug

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Lee-I has mp3s for you, including Calcutta(Taxi, Taxi, Taxi).

Why do I like this song? D: it's so weird.
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All moved in to the Sexy Apartment (that doesn't have hepatitis in it's carpets) and unpacked all my stuff today. Lee and Carina should come ninja some boxes soon.

Got all of my History homework done but not anything for Cartooning. Figured since Rutter is more lax-ish, and I have a group presentation tomorrow for Goed, History took priority this week. Tomorrow I have to do my animatic of Jarco and hopefully have time to do Storyboards and concept work for Amy. Blarh, busy week.

And hopefully third Roommate moves in with weekend. That would be nice and easy for all of us, as it would be less stress around finals and less stress for her around her orientation thingy on the 7th.
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I ish 'mostly' done

Practically all of my stuff is packed, 'side from the stuff I most likely will be needed with in the next week. Boxes aren't too heavy, cept for one and it's the biggest.

Agenda for tomorrow:
-Pack most of the clothing, leaving a weeks worth, which gets put in a bag to wash after moving in

On a side note, I'm on about chapter 70ish of Air Gear. Onigiri is...rather cool. And Kazu...is...wow. -Goes back to reading it-