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I found IT

Just beat Patapon. Oh god, such a fun game. And once you unlock the Megapons, HOLY CRAP, so nice! Probably good I beat it early on during Final Week. Less Distraction....Really want the credit scene music from this game. SO NICE.

Why am I beating games faster on the psp then any other system? Seriously, 2 this week.

I want to sleep now but currently my body is rebelling against me in the form of lower back pain and upset stomach, making it hard to lay down for too long. Stupid body! /shakes fist

God of War: CoO

Just beat God of War for the PSP in no less then about 5ish hours. Good, but short. But Really Good. And Sad.

Also downloaded EchoChrome Demo. That's a special game that I guess, you can't lose.
It kept me entertained even though it's only in Japanese.