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Adventures at PAX

So, I was farting around in Pictochat Friday night in the hand held lounge they had while my boyfriend took a nap. Don't blame him, those bean bags are freakishly comfortable.

RandomDude1: Playing TWEWY (Since I had mingled with him atleast 10 times prior)
Me: Yar (since that's how I've been saying Yes recently for no reason at all)

From Five feet away I hear a guy go "Yar? Who says Yar? Are they like a Pirate?"

After that, Lag killed it so I gave up and went on Mingling in TWEWY.

Other then that, nothing special happened. It was still Awesome.
Kona DS

PAX- Day 1

Even though I missed about the first couple of hours, it was still AMAZING.

-Got a signed print from a couple guys from ArenaNet, one who graduated from our school.

-Free Shit EVERYWHERE! I have a giant bag full right now.

-Got to play AfroSamurai. That's a pretty fun game.

-Also found out a bunch of companies there are also hiring and said they need Character Animators. 0___0! Hell yus. Means I can get a job when I graduate.

-TWENY Mingle because so much easier today. Ilu Hand held lounges.