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Been working on my Maya test all day pretty much. And I've spent the last 5 hrs rendering images in HD. After about 7 (3 of which were good enough to use) and tired for the 8th and hopefully final one when...MY PUTER CRASHED! Everything was saved and fine, but my computer was like "YOUR DOING ANOTHER ONE! FUCK YOU, I QUIT!"-CRASH-

Hopefully this will be the last one. (I'm on the other computer cause I'm making mine do only Renders)

Scratch that, 9th one. Don't die on me again, you Bastard!
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For some reason...Maya just doesn't want me to work for me. I'm following the instructions to the letter but I still fail at making a keyboard. I want to like 3D but does it really to be this complicated?

I start working at EB this Saturday at 10. For once an opening shift that doesn't require me to get up soo freaking early. Yay for Mall hours.

Maya is giving me a headache, so I'm just gonna finish up my homework for Psych and call it a day. Too tired for all of this.
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