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New Years

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Happy New Years! Totally almost 48 hours late BUT OH WELL.

In my adventures to South Center, I found a copy of Jet Set Radio Future for the Xbox for 3.99 (Or 3.33 if your a ninja like me) and Sucker was mine in a heartbeat. That makes me happy. Also got the first three Die Hard Movies. Yippie Kay-ya Mutha Fucka.

I'm tired now. I think its time for sleep.
/scribble scribble/


In celebration of my birthday, I bought myself a 360 today. Yay for KMart being open on Thanksgiving!

Anyways, its all set up and stuff so i would like some friends. 8D?

XBOX: priello
PSN: priello

Same on both playstation and 360. /tear, pRICE was taken on both places.

But yeah, add me as friend, just let me know when you do it either on there or here.

Kay, Square....

The next words I want to hear from you guys are any of the following:

-FFVI on the DS. Pretty graphics and all.
-Official street date for FFXIII.
-FFV on the DS is acceptable, but only after the first two are full filed.
-Another game as awesome and nifty as TWENY.

4 things. And if I hear another FFVII spin off, I will be pissed. Please stop beating a dead horse like Nintendo does and move on. VII wasn't that great, only cool because it was the first in 3D.

November 20th for Last Remnant. I will accept this because it is 7 days before my birthday. Good choice Square.

I found IT

Just beat Patapon. Oh god, such a fun game. And once you unlock the Megapons, HOLY CRAP, so nice! Probably good I beat it early on during Final Week. Less Distraction....Really want the credit scene music from this game. SO NICE.

Why am I beating games faster on the psp then any other system? Seriously, 2 this week.

I want to sleep now but currently my body is rebelling against me in the form of lower back pain and upset stomach, making it hard to lay down for too long. Stupid body! /shakes fist