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More Coraline Rage

Yesterday, I was raging about the little ploy they are using people to go see Coraline. I can live with that as people will actually see this movie.

But now I'm raging about the Reviews I been reading about the movie online.

This one, is by far, my favorite:

"My friend read the book and she told us about it and we are like that is so scary. when i the movie come out my friend and i are like no way that looks scary even through we love twilight. i want to see the nightmare before christmas but i think maybe a no on this one. i think it looks weird big time. in the book it is so weird just like the pictures.

I don't mind if you've seen the movie and you didn't like it all that much, everyone get their own opinion. But when you won't see the movie and proceed to rate the movie as 'So-So' or LESS. And it's not just this person, almost all of the 'So-So' reviews on Fandango are like this. And the bad reviews won't even write anything, they just score it and leave it at that! People just deciding on the movie based on the trailer and it's....ARGH!!!


I'm going to see this movie. And I'm going to enjoy the crap out of it because it looks AMAZING, regardless of if it's a general plot we've been fed since we were 5.
/scribble scribble/


I love how, in the commercials for Coraline, they say "the Director of the Nightmare Before Christmas" everyone thinks "Tim Burton". And a lot of students are calling Tim Burton a Stop Motion god here at school but no realizes that....Tim Burton...was only the producer of Nightmare and has NOTHING to do with Coraline. Tim Burton created the story and character designs for Nightmare but it was Henry Selick that did all the animation and is the Director of Coraline.

Just makes me sad that a man isn't getting credit for his work due to a cheep marketing ploy :(