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Officially on break now. And...I am sick too. Hit super hard when I was at work to the point they sent me home after only two hours :(. Came home and crashed on the couch from 12-6. Feeling better then I was, but still sick. I blame the super cold weather.

Also, in the process of cleaning my apartment. I'm the only one here for the next two weeks so Its a good time to get it all done. Already finished the kitchen. Organized it too. Roommates fail at throwing out the recycling. D: Found a moldy jug of milk who know's how long its been under the sick.

Already got the current futon taken apart too. Gonna put the new one up tomorrow. So dirty under there D:.

Thank god I have this entire weekend off. That way I can rest and get this place cleaned.

Though, I am kinda pissed at the weather....Please stop snowing every other days. D: Our roads do need to thaw out.
/scribble scribble/


All moved in to the Sexy Apartment (that doesn't have hepatitis in it's carpets) and unpacked all my stuff today. Lee and Carina should come ninja some boxes soon.

Got all of my History homework done but not anything for Cartooning. Figured since Rutter is more lax-ish, and I have a group presentation tomorrow for Goed, History took priority this week. Tomorrow I have to do my animatic of Jarco and hopefully have time to do Storyboards and concept work for Amy. Blarh, busy week.

And hopefully third Roommate moves in with weekend. That would be nice and easy for all of us, as it would be less stress around finals and less stress for her around her orientation thingy on the 7th.