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Just how used are you?

Twas decided that, apparently, there is a Pokemon Colosseum in my bra. I have Pokemon in my boobie area. I blame Lee.

Now for stuff that's not complete nonsense:

My Animatic for Psychology isn't as done as I want it cause the mic I borrowed doesn't seem to want to work. Tired it on both computers in both mic ports on each and it only picks up faint noise. Played around the with volume controls on the mic, still nothing. Kinda wanted to finish recording the voices tonight but oh well. Will have to wait till tomorrow.

Alex, do you have Beckmann's email? I can't seem to find it on any of the papers I have and I kinda need it.

Must get threw this week! Though I don't think I'll be getting much done tonight. So tired =___= This week wore me out.

Note to self: Don't pull two all nighters in a row. Does not work.

And finally, my roommate and I watched a Music Video for Brave story that was done to this really awesome song by Within Temptation. I promptly jumped on the internet and downloaded a bunch of their music and haven't stopped listening to them since. Sooooo good. It's classified as Gothic Rock. I like. I like lots.
/scribble scribble/

It....kinda burns...

So, work was alight today..aside from the fact that well..kinda creepy older guy asked me out. I'm flattered but ya know, your kinda like the same age as my daddy so...I'll say no. I tired to be polite about the whole thing.

Me-"Standard crap about wanting gift receipt?"
Guy-"Think I can take you out for dinner some time?"
Me-"Um...I'm sorry, no thank you."
Guy-"Well, I tried."
Me(laughing)-"Yes. You do get points for trying."
Guy-"Can I at least take you out for coffee?"
Me(starting to feel uncomfortable)-"I don't think so."
Guy-"Ah, Boyfriend?"
Me(Trying to hind behind lies)-"Yeah. I do. I'm sorry."
Guy-"Well, I'm going to keeping asking you every time I come in here."
Me(feeling really uncomfortable now.)-"Have a nice day."

3. 3 times now I've been asked out by older guys while working. Though the last time they did it, I wasn't lying when I said "I has boyfriend!" It just...makes me feel uncomfortable and kinda weird.


So, started snowing while I was at work today. x0g33k0x and I were dying to go see it and when the two guys got back from break, we dashed out the door to go frolic in the snow. Oh yeah! :D!

Also got free stuff at work like a Mario Galaxy coin, Cel Art from Zelda Phantom Hourglass, and the mini Art book from Assassin's Creed that I gave to lord_vilid. Also spent half of my time there coloring in the kids activity books we have. I drew Link. Hopefully it's there tomorrow so I can take it home with me. >,>

Picked up a bright orange game cube control. And Katamari Damacy! YAY!

And for some reason I'm really hyper. X3

/cm W.T.F?

/is lonely

Both roommates return tomorrow. Yay, won't be bored no more. I miss having people to talk to (and it feels better to have people share my pain when I find horrid stuff on /gif/)

So, when I got to work, there was this barking child. For a while, we couldn't figure out what it was cause we were pretty sure it was physically impossible for a human to make that noise (and 90% sure it was the sound of a pig being sacrificed). Then the little beast stood in front of our doors and barked. Sounded like a mix dog being strangled and a pig being sacrificed. No lie. It hurt. We kinda wanted to kill it.

I wanna see our mall snow. D:

EDIT: It's been noted, I apparently talk like Sal from futurama, the fat lazy guy. I can accept this.
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Not my Splene!

Eb is not as boring as the student store is. I was there for six hours today and it felt like nothing while the student store tends to drag on forever even when I'm doing something.

And I want MsPaint on my DS.

Watched the first episode of Lucky Star. My thoughts:I'm hungry. Really Hungry. And it's really funny.

Now to go collapse in bed. Yay bed!

Must get new mood theme. This current one only has like 15 images so I have to keep using the same ones over and over.

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