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Finals Listage 2.0

3D-season 2 and 3 Digivices modeled
Advanced Life Drawing-3 compositions with 3 figures each + backgrounds
DiP(This week)-Finals Eye tutorial/Character painting/cloud/environments
Mythology-3-5 character designs + Emotion/poses
Psychology-Comic/storyboards for animation for Memory final

Only working Saturday and Sunday so I have plenty of time for everything if I force myself to work. It's all doable. Time for work.
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Finals week

Finished today:
-"Puppy Cakes" Children's Poem (It's in my dA scraps for those who wanna see it)
-Children's Story storyboards
-Title image for Mattie and Rostislav

Still left to do:
-Color at least one more page of Mattie and Rostislav
-At least start Original Idea storyboards
-Ink Comic for Amy's class
-Ch Questions for World Civ
-2 character Illustrations

D: Looks like I'm busting my ass tomorrow/later today.

And there was a shooting last night just a block or two away and we heard nothing. Window wide open and we slept threw it. Like hell I'm telling my mom. I already get the 'inside' info on all tricks used to lure people to death and what not. I guess it natural for a mother to think their child is a brain dead idiot when it comes to strangers.

My stomach feels funny so I'm gonna go collapse in bed now. Rawr....so much work...
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=-= Finals...are done!

Ramey's Final=DONE!!!! With time for me to sleep! 8D! That makes me happy. It's done, not great, but done.

It's also tempting to just not go to work Friday and Saturday without calling in. Mean, but just...don't want to work anymore. =--=...its not like they can do anything to me, like, fire me.

okay...it's sleep time now. Been having a headache all day thanks to dilated pupils thanks to the doctor. And also will be getting my glasses next week. Thank you, Lazy Brain!

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Sup, Last Week?

So I found out at work that Saturday will be my last day. Somehow, I'm not sad about that. This way I get my break all to me and I'll have time when my sister is up here. Might even go home for awhile. That would be nice. Since I have nothing keeping me here over the break really, I could use the relaxing time. And I miss the cows. (that, and I get the "WHEN ARE YOU COMING HOME????!!?!" message about twice a week now.)

Half way done with Ramey's project, but tonight will be mostly trying to fill a sketchbook for Figure Construction. This whole quarter, I kept saying I'll fill it up by starting early! Pfft, I kept putting that of and now it's week 11 and I R SCREWED.

To my knowledge, unless your family is here in the city, your all going home, right?

EDIT: I'm going home for the last two weeks of the break. Be back on the 7th.
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Scharf's Final
Damn thing took forever!! BUT IT"S DONE!!!

Now to do Ramey's Final. /waves little flag/ Whoopie....
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I really want a burger now

I wish we had beef cow on bun. My stomach cries for beefy cow.

Why is Scharf's thingy taking forever to do??! I've been working on it since 11 am but am just now getting to the CD holder place now. FOO...I shall not be sleeping tonight...must finish finals!

Half ass Scharfs and try and finish by midnight
maybe sleep for a bit?
Science Final will take no time at all
Spend rest of time doing Figure Construction drawings....soo many to do

I'll probably be really dead when I go to work Monday but OH WELL! FINALS MUST BE FINISHED BY MONDAY NIGHT! OR...I r screwed harder then Paris would be if she was aloud near the other inmates. (Lol, I made a bad joke)

Okay, I gets back to works now.
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