Finished my LAST Final today and MY REPLACEMENT MONITOR FINALLY ARRIVED!!! Damn you, Over-heating PoS.

LOL, Dell sent the wrong power cable so they won't be getting the Original back like they wanted.

It doesn't feel like I'm done since we're only half way done with our year long production but I am done for the quarter.

/scribble scribble/


So I gave my final speech tonight. I was pretty confident about it because I'd been practicing for the last few days and I knew what I was talking about. My topic was a persuasive speech on why Video Games should not be censored.

Honestly. I owned the sucker. Everyone in the class confirmed it when the teacher made them all say something. Accept for one girl. She was like "I didn't really understand your stance on the subject and I wanted to know more about the suicide rate for people who get addicted to video games."

I was like....I never even mentioned death anywhere. Nor addiction really. Wtf?!


Damn You Brain!

So i have a doctor's appointment in less then an hour. (LOL right down town. I'll leave in ten minutes) I make all my appointments online, cause it means I don't have to talk to people, especially over a phone. I hate phones. Course, there is a down side to all this, I always get the right as they open appointments, meaning I need to get up at like, 7.

But my brain was so paranoid that I would sleep in, that I kept waking up about every 5-10 minutes this morning starting around 5am. =______= two hours of: -wake up- -Freak out- check time -go back to sleep- -repeat-

Why do I need to see a doctor?

For the last 3-4 months, I've been sneezing almost all the time. And when I do start sneezing, I can't stop for almost a good half hour. Afterward, I feel like I have a bad cold or the flu. It just recently starting moving to my ears and now they hurt every now and then.

It's like I've had a cold since December. And I'll start sneezing anywhere I'm at. I would very much like to know what's wrong with me.
/scribble scribble/

One Week.

My roommate officially moves out on the 28th. Holy crap, I can't wait.

She has probably been the biggest cause for my stress in the last almost half a year. At time, I can honestly say I hate even being here, which is sad because I'm paying to live here.

But on the first day of break, she moves out and I really can't wait for that to happen. Over break, we'll be moving things around and my bed will no longer be on the top bunk. I won't have to literally climb in and out of bed any more. Our living roommate closet will become an actual closet again since we can take the bookcase out of it. And I won't have to just keep letting the dishes pile up while I wait for her to get off her lazy ass and do them.

Thank god it's Finals week, that always goes by fast.

I moved a store.

Our store moved two floors up in our mall and we had to do the move in one night. I really think it would have worked if we had...boxes >____> preparation for the move, no saved any boxes from the 30+ volume of shipment we get daily. Awesome.

So, thanks to that, nothing was organized at ALL when it was getting moved. We started at 7ish and I left at 1:30 with everything in the new store but the store was no where near ready to open at 10.

But it's bigger, not that I really care but it's cool.

/scribble scribble/


So, while scheduling for next quarter, I counted up my remaining classes and I have 15 left. Meaning, 3 full quarters taking me up through December unless I can take a couple extra over the summer. Might even take a Saturday class just to get it done with. I need my final quarter to be as easy as I can make it. It will be hell enough as it is, I'd rather not add to it.

As it stands now, I'll finish "My Lucky Dog" by September 19th, the end of our Summer quarter, then graduate the following December. Still need to get an internship between now and then. Also between that time, I want to atleast get something started for my personal project. The more stuff for my portfolio, the better really.

my poor, wittle finger :(

So, trying to get ready for my stupid 'how-to' speech, I'm teaching myself how to make my own sketchbooks. It's fairly simple unless your able to screw it up like I have.

Right off the bat, just loading my stapler, I shoot a staple into my finger. Went most of the way in too. Then proceeded to bleed ALOT when I took the staple out.

But yeah, trying to make my own sketchbooks. I've learned alot since starting.

-I need new blades for my exato knife because mine can't cut shit
-Foam core sucks for this and like, no stores have Corrugated Cardboard (we went to TWO Jo Ann's, a Home Depot, and Office Depot)
-Don't use bed sheets. They aren't think enough.
-Invest in a hot glue gun. Tacky glue is messy as shit.

Figure it's good to learn all this now before I have to give my speech, but I was hoping to have a nice one made before class. Don't...think that will happen :(
/scribble scribble/


If I could get ya'll's Opinion on my Business Cards

So, to clarify, I'm a 2D/3D Character Animator along with Character Design. I felt the multiple cards with different characters showed that off nicely.

If you could, ya know, tell me what you think?


More Coraline Rage

Yesterday, I was raging about the little ploy they are using people to go see Coraline. I can live with that as people will actually see this movie.

But now I'm raging about the Reviews I been reading about the movie online.

This one, is by far, my favorite:

"My friend read the book and she told us about it and we are like that is so scary. when i the movie come out my friend and i are like no way that looks scary even through we love twilight. i want to see the nightmare before christmas but i think maybe a no on this one. i think it looks weird big time. in the book it is so weird just like the pictures.

I don't mind if you've seen the movie and you didn't like it all that much, everyone get their own opinion. But when you won't see the movie and proceed to rate the movie as 'So-So' or LESS. And it's not just this person, almost all of the 'So-So' reviews on Fandango are like this. And the bad reviews won't even write anything, they just score it and leave it at that! People just deciding on the movie based on the trailer and it's....ARGH!!!


I'm going to see this movie. And I'm going to enjoy the crap out of it because it looks AMAZING, regardless of if it's a general plot we've been fed since we were 5.
/scribble scribble/


I love how, in the commercials for Coraline, they say "the Director of the Nightmare Before Christmas" everyone thinks "Tim Burton". And a lot of students are calling Tim Burton a Stop Motion god here at school but no realizes that....Tim Burton...was only the producer of Nightmare and has NOTHING to do with Coraline. Tim Burton created the story and character designs for Nightmare but it was Henry Selick that did all the animation and is the Director of Coraline.

Just makes me sad that a man isn't getting credit for his work due to a cheep marketing ploy :(