The Power of Panda Rabbit. (nekochann) wrote,
The Power of Panda Rabbit.


Tags: ds colors, gaming

  • Lol, I suck at making titles

    I got this today and...its Super comfy! X3. And Warm. Think I might wear this to work tomorrow cause if I'm going to work with Chicken, I want to be…

  • Blargh

    THANK YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE IN 210 FOR HAVING A PLUNGER!!! /bow /bow /bow Lee-I has mp3s for you, including Calcutta(Taxi, Taxi, Taxi). Why do I…

  • Updates

    All moved in to the Sexy Apartment (that doesn't have hepatitis in it's carpets) and unpacked all my stuff today. Lee and Carina should come ninja…

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