The Power of Panda Rabbit. (nekochann) wrote,
The Power of Panda Rabbit.


Seriously, not helping my roommate out with her finals any more. I was willing to help her last Friday because she didn't know flash and she still had the whole weekend to work on it. I was very UNwilling to help at 3am this morning with I have a morning class and need to wake up around 5am. It's cause she procrastinated the whole weekend then switched projects at the last second because her current one was too long.


I wouldn't be too pissed if it wasn't for the fact that she kept saying it was really long and was going to take all weekend then slept all day Saturday. She only got up at 4PM because I got her up cause we were going some where. She could have set an alarm and gotten up, but nooooo. I got to wake her up AFTER I got home from work.

So now, I'm at school with only 2 hours of sleep and my final for this class didn't make it on to my flash drive so it's at home and I didn't bring my home with me today.

Screw you, Finals, Screw You.
Tags: finals, irl, lazy roommate

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