The Power of Panda Rabbit. (nekochann) wrote,
The Power of Panda Rabbit.


Had work today. It was awesome, like always. I like how I got paid to play my manager's copy of Patapon cause he was stuck at a boss. Made my day. After work, I sat in the back, playing Patapon cause I waited for x0g33k0x to get off. And we started planing for the Smash Bros. release party. Sad day that our guy who can do an awesome Shaggy voice can't be there. He was gonna commentate the battles with the guy who can do an awesome Cleveland voice from Family guy. Still should be awesome.

Also reserved FFCC for the DS and Arcana hearts. Not sure why I want Arcana Hearts, but I doooo. And it's an Atlus game so I should get it now cause they tend to stop making their games quickly.
Tags: atlus, games, work

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