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Well then...

Working 33+HR at EB this week alone. Meaning I'll probably only work Tuesday, Wednesday, and maybe Thursday morning at Student Store but that will be it. Not working Monday cause Bev and I plan to go see I Am Legend in IMAX (mostly for the batman trailer) that day and I'm working that night at EB.

And we're gonna have Kevin Durant at EB for some big tourney. I'm gonna try and get an Autograph for my cousin cause he's really into sports and would appreciate it more then I would. Guy's over 7 ft tall. I barely clear 5 ft. I really wanna stand next to him. Working that night anyways so Yay!

And in case my f-list didn't get the message, Alex and I are back together.

I'm going to go play video games now cause I"M ON BREAK!
Tags: break, durant, work

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