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I've actually made good progress on my animatic for Psychology. hand hurts though. Drawing it isn't taking to long as the bulk of the work will come from syncing it up with the audio. Still have to figure something out for Mythology. D:

So the girl who got fired from the student store was inline behind this guy I was helping. I'm going about my job, but out of no where, she yells at me for being nice. "Your not nice." Wtf? That left me rather confused cause she didn't sound like she was joking either. Customer looked confused too. Meh, Don't have to deal with her after next week.

finals can go to hell -__-. It's my fault really. Kept putting crap off. Least I learned I need to work on my time management for next quarter. I don't want to be behind like this again.

Lol. Vgcats Portal song. Hurhurhur
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