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Only thing I got done today would be scripts for my comics for Storytelling. Stupid Benadryll and it's sleepy side effects. I blame allergies.

To-do List:
World Civ- Chapter Questions
Cartooning-2 Character Illustrations (Was there anything else for this class, Alex?)
Storytelling- 1+ pages of finished "Professional" comic Strips+roughs
Storyboarding- Finish "Thriller" boards/Finish "Jaywalking"/Finish "Toy"/ 3 pages of comic in Pencil

That should be it. Did get laundry done today. Yay laundry. Oh gawds, Dryer is scary. 0___0!!

I also learned that if you stick your eraser in the washer, it comes out really clean.
Tags: dryer, homework, laundry, list

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