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Attnt: ultimaaa  , lord_vilid  , and x0g33k0x

Phone/Internet/Tv plans:

You can set up bundles with them that includes Broadband internet (Comes with either a free modem or 109$ off an advanced modem) and two options on long distance calling, since we would have two people who have family in Canada and the rest have long distance family. One is a flat rate of 20$ a month or another is .05$ a minute for 4.99 a month. The 4.99 deal would save the most money, cause almost everyone has a cell phone. You can also get DirectTV (Which is all the channels you have, Carina) all in one bundle of:
106.96$ (17.83$ each) for Broadband internet, 4.99$ long distance calls at .05$ a minute, and DirectTV
101.97$ (17$ each) for Broadband Internet, no long distance plan, and DirectTV
56.98$ (9.49$ each) for Broadband Internet
DirectTV Line up

High speed Internet:
Up to 1.5Mbps downlink speed
Up to 256Kbps uplink speed
5 email addresses
10Mb web account
25.42$(4.24$ each) For the first three months
42.42$(7.07$ each) after the first three months

About Furniture, I have an extra twin mattress I can take from back home and my dad offered, with his truck, to take us all to Ikea when it got closer to moving and buy said Furniture. I also have Family (i.e rather large men) who have offered to move stuff with their trucks when we needed.

Been looking around for more places, but I'm not finding any past the last three. I'm thinking we should go ahead an jump on Elliot before someone takes it, but it's up to you guys.

Also to note, the quarter doesn't end until the second week of September. I can move out when ever, so I can be the apartment holder if needed.
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