The Power of Panda Rabbit. (nekochann) wrote,
The Power of Panda Rabbit.

:cough cough; Blargh

It was nice, having the day off yesterday. Accept for the whole getting sick part and every time I tried taking a nap, people kept calling and texting me. Finally gave up around 8:30 last night and went to bed. I slept till about 6:30, then got up. Still a little sick but can't rest anymore. Have alot to get done.

And these next two months are going to be kinda crazy, as we need to find a new place to live then Move before mid-August. On top of all of that, we're still trying to finish our production. And right after production is over, I need to work on my portfolio as I graduate in March and want to get alot done by then.

I should go make some food now and stop eating Potato chips for Breakfast.

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