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Last night was my Art History 2 Midterm. OH. MY. GOD. I have never failed a test so hard in my life.

This is how she runs the class:

-Briefly cover the history so fast no one can take notes on it and just tell them its in the book.
-Spend more time talking about how certain pieces of art make us FEEL, while telling us we don't need to take notes because this won't be on the test.
-Give a study guide out then the book contains NOTHING on it.

And the majority of the test was mostly history based and then the essay part was to pick three pieces and talk about them. We had to pull those three pieces out of our heads mind you, she didn't give us any to use. FFFFFFF

When my friend got to that part, he just drew the Awesome face and left.

And to suck even more, she said that when we were done, we could take our breaks, just be quite about leaving.

I let a couple people leave ahead of me to atleast make it look like I tried. Neither one of them were stopped on the way out by her and they both left their tests at their desks. So I did the same and she freaking stopped me at the door and started chewing me out for leaving during the exam. I told her I was done and she I guess didn't hear me but said I could go.

I guess after I left, the class was like "what was that about?" and she went on a rant about how students should be leaving during a test and that she said put them on the chair by the door. 1. THERE WAS NO FREAKING CHAIR BY THE DOOR and 2. SHE NEVER SAID ANYTHING LIKE THAT. I guess the class told her cause when came back an hour later, she apologized to me.

Also, Wednesday, we had the battle with the Anime club on campus. They've had a record for being natorisully loud when they meet. For the first few months when they all starts, which was last fall cause there wasn't an anime club till they all started, they were meeting by two tables where were located outside of the school store and right by TWO classrooms. They staff had always been telling them they needed to be quite or find a new place to meet.

They did last quarter. They took over the viewing room, which was fine for the rest of us. Accept I guess, they went ahead and reserved it for the entire quarter and when another club wanted to use it, they brought up the issue it wasn't fair to others for one club to hog the time for one quarter when other clubs need to be able to use it too. I guess they got kicked out for that place too cause last week, they started meeting in the Animation Lab.

I'd never had first hand experience with them before and Oh man, I've never met a group that had no respect for others in my life. We have class in there at noon and the anime club meets during the dinner hour, so we're still working on our project, all of us being fairly quiet for the most part and then we notice that it was really noisy all of a sudden. My friend and I looked at the front of the room to see a group of kids who were talking as loud as they could while playing SUPER loud amv's or something on their laptop.

When they started watching some Anime and talking even louder, we all just left.

This week was different. At around 4:30 yesterday, we asked the few other people that were working in the lab if we could watch a movie on the small tv in the corner, promising to keep it on quite. No one cared, especially when we showed them the Hunchback of Notre Damn box. So we put it in and kept it on quite. Even put subtitles on so we didn't have to keep the volume too loud and we all went back to work.

Around 4:50ish, the Anime club start trickling in and is meeting on the opposite side of the room from us. Once again, being SUPER LOUD. We'd asked them politly to quite down at one point, which they didn't do.

Finally, they yell over at us if we were working on a project?

"Yeah, we are. We have the movie on to pass the time really." we said, all of it being true.

"Well, we're going to start watching Desert Punk so you need to turn it off." They said this is the most condescending way possible too.

"Well, we've got our movie on low so only we can hear it. If you keep you yours in, it would be very distracting to us."

"Well, how is one movie more distracting then the other? Besides, we reserved this lab so we have the right to tell you to turn it off."

"No student can reserve this lab. It's the only place where we can do this work so no one can keep other students from working in here. We're trying to be considerate of others, we're hoping you guys could do the same since this needs to be a place were we can all work."

At this point, they got SUPER HUFFY with us but left, really pissed off too. Honestly, we didn't mind them being there, as long as they were quite so we could work. However, we learned from last week that they had no interest in being quite.

We'll see what happens next week. Our group of friends has each had several run ins with their members. I, apparently, made the mistake of sitting across from their leader once in the animation lab to work, because she spent two hours glaring at me. This same girl once told our friend she hated her boyfriend because he was calmly playing pokemon in the deli one day and she sat next to him and told him how stupid pokemon was.

TL,DR: First year Animu-kids are picking fights with the seniors.
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