The Power of Panda Rabbit. (nekochann) wrote,
The Power of Panda Rabbit.

Good Going thar.

So my 2D production class for Next quarter is in a Computer lab instead of the Animation Lab. Why? Cause a bunch of retards gave an Intro to 2D class the Wednesday spot instead of the Older students with the upper level class that is working on a year long production that is half way done. Instead, we're in a computer lab in the campus that only has one light table and no way to capture shit. Awesome.

Our teacher is trying to get it fixed so we get the lab but I haven't heard from him since Thursday. The school just wants to move our Class to Thursday afternoon, since the lab is open then but, Since we're all upper level students, 3 of which GRADUATE next quarter, the classes we can take are few and only on Thursday. Like me, Character modeling only works for me on Thursday afternoon. If they do change the class, I have to drop Character modeling and find something to replace it. Problem is, I'm running out of classes to take and I need to get them done. Dropping Character Modeling will set me back and could end up pushing my graduation date back a quarter.

I'd like it if someone that wasn't RETARDED would take over.
Tags: retards, school

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