The Power of Panda Rabbit. (nekochann) wrote,
The Power of Panda Rabbit.

One Week.

My roommate officially moves out on the 28th. Holy crap, I can't wait.

She has probably been the biggest cause for my stress in the last almost half a year. At time, I can honestly say I hate even being here, which is sad because I'm paying to live here.

But on the first day of break, she moves out and I really can't wait for that to happen. Over break, we'll be moving things around and my bed will no longer be on the top bunk. I won't have to literally climb in and out of bed any more. Our living roommate closet will become an actual closet again since we can take the bookcase out of it. And I won't have to just keep letting the dishes pile up while I wait for her to get off her lazy ass and do them.

Thank god it's Finals week, that always goes by fast.
Tags: irl, roommate

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