The Power of Panda Rabbit. (nekochann) wrote,
The Power of Panda Rabbit.

my poor, wittle finger :(

So, trying to get ready for my stupid 'how-to' speech, I'm teaching myself how to make my own sketchbooks. It's fairly simple unless your able to screw it up like I have.

Right off the bat, just loading my stapler, I shoot a staple into my finger. Went most of the way in too. Then proceeded to bleed ALOT when I took the staple out.

But yeah, trying to make my own sketchbooks. I've learned alot since starting.

-I need new blades for my exato knife because mine can't cut shit
-Foam core sucks for this and like, no stores have Corrugated Cardboard (we went to TWO Jo Ann's, a Home Depot, and Office Depot)
-Don't use bed sheets. They aren't think enough.
-Invest in a hot glue gun. Tacky glue is messy as shit.

Figure it's good to learn all this now before I have to give my speech, but I was hoping to have a nice one made before class. Don't...think that will happen :(
Tags: crafts

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