The Power of Panda Rabbit. (nekochann) wrote,
The Power of Panda Rabbit.

Hung like a Seal

So I've had to resort to writing my name on my food now, due to the fact that one of my roommates will eat up and use the stuff I buy does none of the following:

-Tell me we're running low
-Tell me when we're out
-Buy more

So, I'll find myself cooking and go to get something that was there yesterday and find out we're out. I've even cut up some french bread and went to grab the butter and found the container empty but back in the fridge. She said there was enough left, but I swear I scrapped out every last bit and only had enough to cover half a small slice.

So now, I'm writing my name on EVERYTHING I buy so She'll stop using it or atleast Ask me.

Day one: Plan backfired!

I wrote my name on my milk, on the opposite side of the Handle and put it in the fridge, with my name facing out so when you opened it to get milk you'd: -See my name, and have to move the carton to take it out.

She just made pudding. Milk is required for that. Never asked. My name is written on there kinda large, but she never saw it.

. . . I get up...
Tags: irl, roommate

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