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New Years

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1-I have a very eclectic taste in music where I'll like different songs, not genre's of music. I have the most random stuff on my Playlist from Final Fantasy music to 89's rock to foreign music. I like some rap and I like new metal. The only exception to any of this is Country. Back home as forever ruined me of what ever tolerance I could have had for country music.

2- I have a good number of games (estimated at around 1700$ via gamespot >__>) But I'm horribly picky when I get games, especially used games. All games MUST HAVE original cover art AND manual, my only exception to this is GBA Games and anything before the N64. All of my games are like this and its something I can't break myself of, no matter how much I want a game.

3- I'm very OCD when it comes to my books, games, and movies. Everything is in order by author, title, and system. When I buy a new book or game, I can't just put it where there is free space (even though I don't HAVE any). I'll spend a good hour moving things down to put something in the right spot. And it bewilders me that one of my roommates hasn't figured any of this out in over a year. 0__0 I find things in the wrong spot all the time when she's done.


5- I've developed this bad habit of wanting the game guide to the games I own, even if I have no use for them.

6- If its super soft and super cuddly, I want it.

7- I have a weird love of medical dramas. If it relates to medicine in some way, I'll probably love it.

8- You got me on this one, but those real life stories about fat people fascinate me to no end. And the bigger the person, the more interest I have.

9- I like to be warm except when I'm in bed, then I need my feet to be in a cool spot or I feel uncomfortable. The only exception is when its super cold, then I want my feet to be warm.

10- I want to move into a house that will let me a have a dog that comes to about my waist level. None of that Under 20lbs crap.

11- Thanks to screwed up genetics, I have to use the Male brand of the Clinical deodorant or I'll sweat like a pig from just sitting around the apartment.

12- I need noise when I sleep, so my boyfriend snoring or my roommate making weird noises in her sleep bothers me not. I can't sleep if its quite, drives me nuts.

13- I tend to sleep very hard. I've been known to sleep through sever thunderstorms, people making alot of noise, even an earthquake or two.

14- I've been making Rice-a-roni for years now and I always seem to screw up. I think I've made it correct about 5 times in my live.

15- Things on Serial killers fascinates me aswell. I have a book on a good number of them and I read it when I'm bored. Just why they do things intrigues me.

16- In 21 years, the only thing I have every had to drink is water. Go me and my super human kidneys.

I tagges: The people on my F-List that have yet to do this

Happy New Years! Totally almost 48 hours late BUT OH WELL.

In my adventures to South Center, I found a copy of Jet Set Radio Future for the Xbox for 3.99 (Or 3.33 if your a ninja like me) and Sucker was mine in a heartbeat. That makes me happy. Also got the first three Die Hard Movies. Yippie Kay-ya Mutha Fucka.

I'm tired now. I think its time for sleep.
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