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Fandom Rantings below.

If searching for a present for one of my friends, we went to Toys'R'US. I haven't been there since Zelda:PH came out as they were selling the game with free guide book there.

On a whim, I checked to see if MAYBE they had any Digimon toys. I have a bunch of figurines back from Middle school. By lucky chance, THEY DID. I just about needed a new pair of pants right then and there. Not only did they have the figure sets that have 5 small figures for 6$, on CLEARANCE for 2.99$ were two of the larger digivolving ones. They're all from the 5th Season, but Digimon are fucking Digimon and I'm a happy camper right now.

Sadly, they only had 2 of the 4 figure sets, but it's cool cause Toys'R'Us is selling the whole set with three special gold figures for 15$. Mine next paycheck.

For the record in case it hasn't been stated before: I am a raging Digimon fan and have been since in Middle school. I like it more then Pokemon.
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Goodbye Childhood

So I grabbed the latest issue of Shojo beat. I started reading it back high school. At first, I would read all of them but slowly I started only really one. Then they started running Sand Chronicles a good couple of years ago I think. That's what kept me with it as I couldn't find any scans for it online. Honestly, I haven't missed an issue yet for that reason.

I'm pretty sad it won't be continuing and now I'll have to wait for the mangas to come out.

Hate realizing that I'm getting older.

E3 stuff

So figure I'm gonna take a break from animating for a bit and share my thoughts on what's going down at E3.

Final Fantasy XIV= I do approve and will play if you do ONE thing: -Allow the ability to solo past lvl 12.
Zelda: Phantom Train= Looks good.
The Last Guardian= WANT. SO. HARD.
The Old Republic= WAT. SO. BAD.
Milo= You, Son, are creepy as hell.
New Super Mario Bros.= Thank you for bringing back the Side-scroller :D
God of War III= You'd better be out in March.

Hands down, The Old Republic trailer is THE best trailer I've seen in a LONG time.

:cough cough; Blargh

It was nice, having the day off yesterday. Accept for the whole getting sick part and every time I tried taking a nap, people kept calling and texting me. Finally gave up around 8:30 last night and went to bed. I slept till about 6:30, then got up. Still a little sick but can't rest anymore. Have alot to get done.

And these next two months are going to be kinda crazy, as we need to find a new place to live then Move before mid-August. On top of all of that, we're still trying to finish our production. And right after production is over, I need to work on my portfolio as I graduate in March and want to get alot done by then.

I should go make some food now and stop eating Potato chips for Breakfast.
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So thinking of not graduating in the fall like I planned. Really think of not graduating in the fall and graduate the following quarter.

Why? It's too much. I have 10 classes left and no matter how I work it, my last two quarters would be sure hell, insuring I would only be burned out by the time I graduated.

But if I graduate in March, my last quarter would only be Portfolio. That's it. Only one class my last quarter and it's all about my portfolio.

Next quarter is looking to be a pain in the ass as is, and if I keep going with December graduation, I would die.

Though, if I were to graduate in December, I could theoretically have both of my parents around for my birthday. Which...hasn't happened since I was like...5. :(

Blargh, I need to figure this shit out.




I need a light table so bad right now. Hunching over my light box at my computer desk is -REALLY- killing my back. Doesn't help that I've been doing this for the last 8 or so hours. AT LEAST I GOT SHIT DONE!

This film is slowly eating up all the free time I have now. The only other thing I do now a days besides work in the animation lab is reading.

And in a weird way, none of that saddens me at all really. Guess it's cause I enjoy doing this or something like that. Accept for the back pain. That makes me sad. :(
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Day one Done!

It was really awesome to be there. Unlike Sakura-con and Pax, where Artists are either set aside from the con or randomly mixed it, artists are EVERYWHERE. Almost all the booths there are artists booths, with the artist actually hanging out there. I heard Jason Palmer was going to be there and I tracked down his booth. He was just hanging out, signing stuff so I bought this, which he signed and I got a hard cover for. Visited so many booths, including the swag booth just in time to grab a large Bolt poster before they put them away. They had UP posters on display, so I hope they might be giving them out tomorrow. I only bought the one print, but there were MANY THINGS I wanted.

At the end of the day, I got my Solo's Comic signed by Tim Sale.

I have to say, it was really motivating to be in that room with so many talented people. One guy that was really awesome was Stephen Silver, the character designer for Kim Possible. He had alot of books on display, all of which I want, but he was like, talking to people and other artists and is just really inspirational to listen to. He encourages others to just do their best without comparing themselves to other artists, regardless how good they may be. He's a pretty awesome guy.

Very excited about tomorrow.

Good Going thar.

So my 2D production class for Next quarter is in a Computer lab instead of the Animation Lab. Why? Cause a bunch of retards gave an Intro to 2D class the Wednesday spot instead of the Older students with the upper level class that is working on a year long production that is half way done. Instead, we're in a computer lab in the campus that only has one light table and no way to capture shit. Awesome.

Our teacher is trying to get it fixed so we get the lab but I haven't heard from him since Thursday. The school just wants to move our Class to Thursday afternoon, since the lab is open then but, Since we're all upper level students, 3 of which GRADUATE next quarter, the classes we can take are few and only on Thursday. Like me, Character modeling only works for me on Thursday afternoon. If they do change the class, I have to drop Character modeling and find something to replace it. Problem is, I'm running out of classes to take and I need to get them done. Dropping Character Modeling will set me back and could end up pushing my graduation date back a quarter.

I'd like it if someone that wasn't RETARDED would take over.